Why Do China And Pakistan Love Each Other?

In April 2015, China’s President signed an agreement with Pakistan, starting construction on the future China-Pakistan Economic Corridor This project is a series of roads, railways, and gas and oil pipelines running roughly 1,800 miles between the two countries, giving China a direct path to the Indian Ocean

For decades, the two countries have supported each other politically, economically, and militarily With so much cooperation, why do China and Pakistan love each other? Well, relations between the two countries go back to the Chinese Civil War, where Communist forces took over Mainland China, while the existing government fled to Taiwan Pakistan was the first Muslim country to recognize the new Chinese government, and break ties with the one in Taiwan Since that time, China and Pakistan have forged an important regional relationship On one side, Pakistan provides an important link for China to the United States, as well as Muslim countries in the area

In fact, Pakistan was instrumental in facilitating President Richard Nixon’s first visit to China in 1972 This visit shifted the balance of the Cold War, and allied Communist China with the US, and against the Soviet Union On the other side, China provides a cultural and political barrier against India in the region, preventing it from gaining too much influence in East and Central Asia In addition to linking foreign relations, the two powers militarily depend on each other With a free trade agreement, Pakistan buys more Chinese weapons than any other country, accounting for half of China’s arms sales

In April 2015, China sold 8 submarines to Pakistan for $5 billion dollars, China’s largest arms sale ever Additionally, some, including Chinese diplomats, have compared their relationship to that of the US and Israel In international relations, the two countries support each other unilaterally While China backs Pakistan’s claim in the Kashmir region against India, Pakistan advocates for China’s authority in regions like Tibet and Taiwan A Pakistani ambassador described their friendship as “higher than the mountains, deeper than the oceans, stronger than steel, dearer than eyesight, sweeter than honey, and so on

” The two also have economic dependence China is Pakistan’s second largest trade partner, and a huge investor in Pakistani infrastructure and shipping routes The two countries trade roughly 10 to 12 billion dollars a year as of 2013 But in particular, Pakistan is the only Muslim nation known to possess nuclear weapons, and the majority of its missile and nuclear materials have reportedly come from China Clearly, China and Pakistan’s relationship is mutually beneficial

In fact, more Pakistanis hold a favorable view of China than any other foreign country Throughout their mutual histories, the two have relied on and strengthened each other In the coming years, their development goals will be intertwined, with billions in shared development Together both China and Pakistan are expected to grow, fueled by one another China and Russia are also fierce allies, but they weren’t always

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