Why Are Pakistan And India Fighting Over Kashmir?

The Kashmir conflict is an ongoing territorial dispute between India and Pakistan According to Pakistan’s 2010 statement to the UN, it’s the oldest unresolved international conflict still on the UN’s agenda

The conflict is often attributed directly to the region’s backlash against British colonialism But is that the whole story? What is the Kashmir conflict really about? Well first of all, when we say Kashmir, we mean the region that is currently occupied by both Pakistan and India Historically, the region has been home to a number of Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and other cultures, which have been in conflict for hundreds of years In 1846, Kashmir was claimed by the former British Empire as a princely state in their Indian Empire The population was predominantly Muslim, but the ruler, set up by the British, was Hindu

This difference in religions caused conflict in Kashmir, especially after World War 2 In 1947, Britain gave its Indian colonies independence, and states around Kashmir joined either Pakistan or India Because of the Muslim majority in Kashmir, most wanted to join the predominantly Muslim Pakistan However, Kashmir’s Hindu ruler wished the state to remain neutral Not long after independence, Pakistan invaded Kashmir

This caused Hari Singh (Harry Sing), Kashmir’s ruler, to ask India for military help He signed the “Instrument of Accession”, which made Kashmir officially a part of India, with some autonomous privileges From there, India sent in military forces to combat Pakistani fighters, culminating in the first Indo-Pakistani War of 1947, also known as the first Kashmir war In 1965 and 1971, two more Indo-Pakistani wars broke out with thousands killed Although territory was originally a key reason for fighting, human rights abuses on both sides became a larger reason for hostilities between both nations

You can hear more about “Why India and Pakistan Hate Each Other” in Tara’s video After several ceasefire agreements, the political boundaries of Pakistan and India are still considered “disputed”, but both nations control about one half of Kashmir The whole Indian subcontinent is teeming with unique peoples and culture Check out this amazing story of a small village south of New Delhi that has such a long history of defending itself, it’s become legendary That’s our brand new show Seeker, by the way! Please check it out and subscribe, Evan & I really appreciate the support! There’s a link in the description if you’re on your phone

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