Who Is Canada’s Bold New Prime Minister?

In 2015, Canada voted to replace their Conservative majority government with the formerly third-ranked Liberal Party As the head of that party, Justin Trudeau became Canada’s new Prime Minister, sparking a number of progressive changes

Although the 44-year-old may seem like a newcomer, he has actually been in the political sphere since his birth, as the son of Canada’s 15th Prime Minister So, who exactly is Justin Trudeau? Well, Trudeau’s father, Pierre Trudeau has been considered one of Canada’s best leaders, and the quote “father of modern Canada” When Justin was four months old, visiting President Richard Nixon predicted that he would eventually be the future Prime Minister However, despite the younger Trudeau’s political upbringing, he chose to be a teacher after finishing college He didn’t hold a position in government until his appointment on a task force for youth renewal at the age of 34

Still, his role as the son of a Prime Minister had already allowed him to advocate for progressive causes, including environmental reform and youth volunteer programs In 2007, just a year after entering government politics, Trudeau won the nomination of his Liberal party to run against the Bloc Quebecois party in the 2008 federal election His narrow victory to represent the Papineau district in Parliament immediately began speculations about his potential run for Prime Minister However, it took until 2012 for him to enter the race for the Liberal leadership, which he eventually won with 80% of the vote This streak continued into the 2015 election, where the Liberal party went from being the third party in Parliament to the majority

His time in politics has been marked by youth-slanted views, including the legalization of marijuana, which he admitted to having smoked as recently as 2010 He also made headlines when he named himself a feminist, and populated his cabinet with a gender balanced staff When asked why this was important, he answered simply, “Because it’s 2015” Trudeau has widely supported women’s rights, including a strong pro-choice stance despite religious and Conservative opposition He has also championed Canada’s obligations towards its long marginalized indigenous people

In a meeting with tribal leaders, he stressed greater education opportunities, and a focus on giving the First Nations their entitled constitutional rights He has even suggested that Pope Francis to apologize on behalf of the catholic church for abuses against native populations Trudeau has been an exceptionally popular political personality, and to many, represents the modern face of Canada’s future But despite his social policies, detractors say that he has little experience with economic or foreign policy decisions Still, his economic plans to raise taxes on high income earners has been met positively by suburban families, and likely contributed to his 2015 victory

Whether he will be able to address those political concerns as well as he has addressed social ones is as of yet to be seen So how much influence can Trudeau’s ideas have over Canada, and more importantly, over the rest of the world? Check out our video, How Powerful Is Canada to find out! You can also keep up on the most important world news by subscribing to TestTube’s newsletter We’ll send you a weekly digest of what exactly is going on Thanks for watching TestTube News, make sure to like and subscribe for new videos all the time

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