Where Do Clinton And Sanders Stand On Gun Control?

In April 2016, Hillary Clinton tweeted that her opponent, Bernie Sanders, has prioritized gun manufacturers over the parents of mass shooting victims The tweet garnered considerable controversy and brought the issue of gun control front and center in the Democratic Presidential race

So, what are the issues at stake, and where do the nominees land on gun control? Well, both Sanders and Clinton have advocated for stricter gun control laws Both candidates support a ban on assault weapons, expanding background checks on gun purchases, and prohibiting those on the “no-fly” list from buying guns That said, the two remain at odds over a number of gun-related issues Clinton’s tweet concerning gun manufacturers was a reference to Sanders’ stance on the 2005 Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act This law protects gun manufactures and dealers from being sued when their products are used in crimes

In Congress, Sanders voted in favor of this bill, later justifying his decision by implying that a hammer company would not be held responsible if [quote] “somebody beats somebody over the head with a hammer” However, over the course of the campaign, Sanders has promised to revisit the question of gun manufacturer liability Clinton, on the other hand, has advocated for a complete repeal of the 2005 bill, arguing that gun dealers and manufacturers are the “only business in America” that enjoys complete protection from legal liability However, according to Politifact, this statement is false, as gun dealers and manufacturers don’t actually have complete protection from legal liability Additionally, the protection from lawsuits that the gun industry does have, also exist in a number of other industries

Clinton and Sanders have also butted heads over the 1993 Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, better known as “Brady Bill” The law mandated federal background checks and a 5-day waiting period on firearms purchases Sanders voted against the Brady Bill five times, on the grounds that states, and not the federal government, should decide on the question of waiting periods Sanders did vote for a version of the bill which replaced the waiting period with an instant background check Clinton has continually advocated for the Brady Bill since its inception

During her time as First Lady, she supported the bill on the basis that it would give time for authorities to check a gun-buyers record and for the buyer to “cool down about any conflict he might have intended the gun to resolve” But despite competing rhetoric, Sanders and Clinton actually agree on the main focus of the bill Clinton’s current stance on the Brady Bill is exclusively focused on the topic of background checks, and does not mention a waiting period at all Throughout her political career, Clinton has pushed for radical, sweeping gun control, including federal bans on assault rifles and high-capacity magazines, as well as a prohibitive gun tax Meanwhile Sanders has argued that gun usage varies from state to state, and so different states should have different gun laws

He uses the example of guns predominantly being used for hunting in Vermont, but used for crime in a city like Chicago In the end, Sanders’ position can only be described as “mixed” During his 25 years in congress, his gun-related voting record was roughly split right down the middle – with half of his votes in favor of more regulation and half against While Clinton has maintained a relatively consistent record on gun control, and has promised to expand upon it if she is elected President One major reason Clinton is leading over Sanders in the delegate count is thanks to superdelegates

Learn why superdelegates prefer Clinton in the video at the top The gun control issue is much larger than Clinton or Sanders and goes back centuries Find out why a comma written hundreds of years ago still affects American gun laws today in our video at the bottom Thanks for watching TestTube News! Don’t forget to like and subscribe for new videos every day

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