What Does It Take To Fix A Failing U.S. School?

Tiffany Anderson works as an observer at the Jining Township School Start the morning committed to four hours of work Where we find her full solution abroad, as a traffic guard Ms Anderson monitors seven schools And 3,000 students And hundreds of teachers and staff But will not hesitate to do anything

Bring hot chocolate Coats I am the first face they meet after leaving their homes The town of Jining has 15,000 inhabitants It is located close to the city of St Louis in Missouri Ferguson City, Which was the center of the opposition that has been blocked A black teenager was killed by a white policeman in 2014 Like Ferguson, most of the population of the African-American town of Jennings A quarter of them live below the poverty line How was the neighborhood school when I came here Four years ago, Jennings did not really look like a society with hope Almost every month Bring a funeral to either student Or to one of his parents They are often victims of criminal offenses We have two students in a primary school Climbing out the window literally While their mother was being challenged Things we can not imagine Gaby Scott is a 17-year-old student at Jenny High School How old were you when you found out you were pregnant? 15 years It was difficult Have you cried? Yes a lot So much so that I did not want to live A few years ago many students in Jinning are threatened not to finish high school Retiring from school was not unusual Did I think of things, like how I would go to school and raise this child? The first thing I'm afraid of I do not think I will be able to attend school, and I am pregnant Do you think that people have somehow abandoned the neighborhood school? This may be of several aspects because Jinning is considered poor People were not really sure that development was possible Thanks to grants and some creativity Dr Anderson's balanced budget was able to create a university preparatory program She restored art education It also began to address problems that extend beyond academic matters I learned that food is the biggest issue So we decided to open cafeteria About 8,000 pounds of food per month 200-400 people get food from the Jenny School every two weeks We also turned to health care We have about 2-3 psychotherapists in each school Washington University agreed to share a pediatrician So, when you break your hand, come to school, we'll take care of it In this place, parents can come and wash their clothes for free in exchange for an hour of their time for school And how amazing it is when you think about how simple it is to share parents While taking into account the basic needs of many of these families We always say if the maximum you can reach the school, you will take care of the rest Clothing, Food, Shoes, Health Care What kind of changes did you notice to students when I removed all those barriers? When children start to know we care There was something like a light bulb That will to try We are now fully authorized 4 years ago, we have been able to complete 57% of the requirements Now we have completed 81% We passed the state index for two consecutive years Dr Anderson introduced a program to support teenage mothers such as Gabi As well as mothers in society Which enabled Gabi to focus on studying while taking care of her son Carter Look after the child, I'm still a student, right? Yeah You will be the class representative? Yeah

And the superior student? Yeah How did you do all this? Organize all this? I have professors willing to help me, and with my time management Some of them come with me to attend Student Council events When you are pregnant Before presenting all these programs, before Dr Anderson, what did you think your life would be? Most likely, I would have surrendered long ago But with Jennings' support and programs, it's easier We have succeeded without suffering and come to school and feel enthusiastic This community follows Ferguson who was very upset This is a critical time for our country Is this an urgent argument for action here? I think our goal is to show people that there is an unjust regime here And to gain the maximum knowledge to have the power to make change Can this work be repeated elsewhere? What we have done in Jinning can happen anywhere, in any neighborhood, and in any community The area code should not specify the quality of education or health care We will not allow this to determine where our children end up DTN will move to lead 13,000 students at the Topeka school Topeka was in 1954 Brown's decision center against the Education Council to remove apartheid in education In many states public schools are closed Many professors recognize resignations What is the origin of the problem? Is it the failure of the American education system? Find out in this section! Some experts declare that teachers are incompetent They are the product of low salaries Where professional teachers are rising at a low salary High school teachers earn an average of $ 50,000 a year Compared with $ 95,000 for university professors Thank you for watching Seeker Daily Be sure to participate and be impressed to receive our clips daily

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