The Rise Of Nuclear North Korea

Every other month or so, it seems like North Korea makes its way into international headlines with military drills and rocket launches Their rumored possession of nuclear weapons and their proximity to the US and their allies, keep political tensions running high

So where did it all begin? How did it escalate to this point? Here’s a brief timeline to help you figure it all out [1962-63] – In the early 1960’s, North Korea begins it’s hyper-militarization in response to the Cold War arms race The USSR offers to help them develop nuclear power but not weapons [1985] After decades of nuclear development, North Korea consents to signing the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty but denies inspectors access to their nuclear sites The NPT, signed by 59 other nations, is a step towards nuclear disarmament

[1992-94] A top Pakistani scientist allegedly sells nuclear weapon technology secrets to North Korea [1992-3] United Nations officials attempt to inspect North Korean nuclear facilities, but are blocked from certain sites Under suspicion, North Korea threatens to withdraw from the NPT [1994] In exchange for economic and energy support from the US, North Korea signs the “Agreed Framework”, promising to dismantle its nuclear facilities [2000] North Korea accuses the US of not fulfilling their energy agreement fast enough, and threatens to restart the nuclear program

[2002-3] President George W Bush calls North Korea a part of the “axis of evil”, and US officials privately accuse North Korea of violating the 1994 agreement In response, North Korea withdraws from the NPT and declares to the US that it possesses nuclear weapons [2006] North Korea announces they have successfully detonated a nuclear device underground Seismic readings and radioactive air quality samples support their claim

The UN imposes heavy sanctions on the country [2007-2015] North Korea repeatedly uses their nuclear proliferation as a bargaining tool in exchange for humanitarian aid from the US and UN, but neither side comes to a final agreement [Today] Peace talks are almost at a stalemate, and North Korea continues to test rockets and advance its nuclear proliferation goals Their increased isolation has given them the nickname the “Hermit Kingdom,” and international sanctions have crippled their status in the world North Koreas notorious leader Kim Jong-un is one of the most interesting and protected leaders in the world

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