Sex & Gender Identity: An Intro

Translation: Bérénice MARTIN Sex and Gender Terms EXPLAINED Identity is everything for many people It's personal It is important

It's a question of assertiveness What do these terms mean? "Sex, Transgender, Intersex, Cisgenre, Gender, Gender Expression, Genderqueer" Sex The biological classification of being Female or Male, often assigned to birth Gender: A combination of bodily features including: i Chromosomes ii hormones iii

Reproductive organs iiii Secondary sexual characteristics IDENTITY OF GENDER The inner and deep feeling of a person when has his kind NOT THE SAME THING SEX Most people have a gender identity being male or female

For some, it does not fit perfectly in these two choices GENDER EXPRESSION: External manifestation of the kind, expressed by i Name ii

Pronoun iii Clothing iv Hairstyle v Behavior vi Voice vii

Body viii Body characteristics TRANSGENRE: An "umbrella" term for people whose gender identity and expression differs from the sex assigned to them at birth CISGENRE: A word used for people whose sex assigned at birth corresponds to their gender identity and expression "Cis" is a Latin prefix that means "On the side of" And is the antonym of "trans-" or "on the other side" The word exists to serve as an equal to "transgender" GENDERQUEER: Person who does not identify in the male / female binarity

Instead, they can identify themselves as neither woman nor man; or a little bit of both INTERSEXE: An umbrella term that describes people born with an internal or external anatomical sexual variation The little things we can all do Use the first name chosen by a transgender person, Listen to the people's favorite pronoun (he / she / ) And always be respectful Subscribe TestTube: Member of the Discovery Digital Network

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