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[McTigue]: We specifically have designed a program for women who maybe are new to the work force or who haven't worked in a formal economy here in the United States or are developing their English language skills We provide a job training program here at the farm so that women are connecting to each other, building relationships across cultures, practicing their English language skills and being prepared to start work within food and farming industries

Let’s see We can grab the grey containers in there We don’t have to do the whole pepper harvest So you guys need to go look and tell me if we have enough Yeah, so let’s go

Can we harvest today or no? Yes? We can? Sufficient? You know the word sufficient? Is there a lot of peppers or not a lot of peppers? [Students mumbling] [McTigue]: Okay, but this bed has other peppers There’s lots of different varieties in this bed of peppers You can see there, the green ones The long ones in the back Purples ones

These are very hot Pick all of the ready peppers, ‘cause there’s a lot in here Lots of different kinds [McTigue]; We always talk to people about where somebody is now and where they're going, rather than what their past is, where they come from, what tragedy they endured, what persecution happened in their home country, and really about, this is this person They’re here now—giving women the opportunity to be proactive about the next steps of their life

I need you guys to weigh everything for farmer’s market Yeah, so I can write the different things So we have, what are these? [Students]: This is tomato This is pepper [McTigue]: And then I’ll get the scale and you can weigh everything

Ok? [Larissa]: If you leave your country, you left all of your family there All family rests in your country, but you can find other people These people replace your family Your sister, your brother, your uncle, your aunty Why you can’t open your arms, you can open your heart to accept some people If you don't accept friends, life is not going to be easy for you

[Bah]: My friends is Ninoska, Stella, Jan, Malado and my teachers It’s very good [McTigue]: To all of a sudden start hearing stories of other women that have gone through similar or different challenges than you and to realize that maybe you are not alone in whatever you’re dealing with We can create a program that helps teach skills, but a lot of the team building and the relationships that happen as part of the program end up being more important in a way

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