How Powerful Is The United Arab Emirates?

In the early 1970’s the United Arab Emirates was an impoverished desert, with little access to food, water, and well-paying jobs Today, the country looks nothing like it did 45 years ago

Due in no small part to oil, the UAE has completely transformed The country is now one of the largest economies in the middle east, and its per capita GDP is on par with highly-developed european nations So, as a fairly new country with a recent influx of wealth, we wanted to know, just how powerful is the United Arab Emirates? Well, geographically speaking, the UAE is fairly small At just over 30,000 square miles, the country is roughly the size of the US state of South Carolina The UAE’s population of just over nine million is also fairly insignificant, however it’s growing fast

Over the last two decades, the population has nearly quadrupled, due to a high birth rate and a rapid influx of expatriate workers, majority of which are from India Today, non-nationals make up more than 80 percent of the UAE population An overwhelming majority UAE expatriates are in the country for one reason: jobs The UAE’s economy is the most diversified in the Persian Gulf, and its most populous city, Dubai, is emerging as a hub for travel, trade and aviation In terms of tourism, Dubai ranks first among cities in the middle east, and according to some measurements, fifth in the world

The UAE is extremely conducive to private business and the free market In the country’s 38 free trade zones, businesses and corporations, even those that are owned by foreigners, are exempt from all taxes And all UAE residents enjoy no sales or income tax, as well as a very low property tax With little revenue coming from taxes, the UAE’s government is left extremely dependent on its primary export: oil Even after efforts to diversify the economy, the resource still contributes to about 40 percent of the UAE’s more than 350 billion dollar GDP

As global demand for oil has slowed, the country has been forced to make up for loss by reducing public spending, including eliminating fuel subsidies in 2015 The UAE has also made great strides in terms of defense Over the last two decades, the country has diversified its weapons trade, expanded its army and developed its existing military technology Today, the UAE has a fairly small army of roughly 65,000 troops, but a sizable defense budget of more than $14 billion dollars As a result, their small army is technologically advanced and well-equipped

The UAE is also a close ally to the United States In fact over the last two decades, it has fought alongside the US more times than any other Arab nation These conflicts include the ongoing War in Afghanistan, the 1990 Gulf War and the current fight against ISIS The UAE is also relatively peaceful, and, compared to its neighbors in the persian gulf, enjoys little domestic dissent However, the country is far from perfect, as rapid development and broad employer rights have paved the way for widespread abuse of expatriate workers

And although the country appears to be modern and progressive, its autocratic government is frequently accused of jeopardizing free speech by suppressing dissidents, forcing disappearances and even torturing suspects There’s no question that the UAE is well on its way to becoming a financial superpower But in order to modernize and expand its economy, it may need to clean up its human rights record first We couldn’t make fascinating episodes like this without our sponsor, DOMAIN DOT COM If you’re an entrepreneur, innovator, or building a small business, DOMAIN DOT COM is the place to go when that next great idea hits you

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