How Corrupt Is Brazil?

In August 2015, a former chief-of-staff in Brazil was accused of receiving thousands of dollars in bribes while in jail for a previous bribery conviction But, he is just one of many Brazilian government officials to be involved in corruption

So, just how corrupt is Brazil? Over the last 30 years, quality of life in Brazil has dramatically improved, but government corruption still remains a problem On the Corruption Index, Brazil holds a low ranking, behind Turkey and South Africa Backroom deals and bribery continue, and other powerful authorities like the police force and drug cartels often have direct, illegitimate ties to politicians Corruption continues, in part, because voters are faced with few good choices Politicians already convicted of corruption are often re-elected, with the rationale being that they are at least LESS corrupt than everyone else

One researcher notes that a fundamental difference between Brazil and other nations is in the kind of corrupt bargain present between politicians and their constituents Elected officials can see it as their responsibility to smuggle money from the capital to their voters Money laundering and bribery are some of the most common crimes In protest, millions of citizens have staged anti-government and anti-corruption marches The “Clean Company Act” was then passed in 2014 to address protestors’ concerns

This law can fine companies 20% of their profits, or suspend them if their employees engage in corrupt activity Although no major cases have been prosecuted using the Act yet, it’s ostensibly a big incentive for corporations to change their ways The most recent scandal within parliament and the leading political party, involves the state-run oil firm Petrobras Around 50 officials are currently under investigation for accepting kickbacks totaling $21 billion dollars in return for business contracts with the company

To make matters worse, the current President of Brazil was the former head of Petrobras during the time period when much of the corruption took place So far, she denies involvement in the kickback scheme, but her public approval rating has plummeted amid the allegations and there are calls for her impeachment Because of Brazil’s history of corruption, their upcoming organization of the 2016 Olympics has left many concerned Already there have been accusations of mishandled funds, police brutality, and unfair evictions for those living nearby new stadiums It may be a long transition for Brazil to achieve less corruption within their government

However, with the international spotlight on their leadership as the Olympic games approach, it’s more important than ever that Brazil address their corruption issues Want to know how powerful the country of Brazil is? We did a video on that! As always thanks for watching TestTube News! We make new videos everyday, so don’t leave without subscribing! We’ll see you next time

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