Are Nazis On The Rise In Europe?

According to reports, Neo-Nazism is becoming more popular and politically influential across Europe, even gaining seats in some national parliaments Germany has one of the largest neo-Nazi parties, called the National Democratic Party, or NPD

Just like the original Nazi party in the 1920s and 30s, the NPD labels itself “national socialist” A spokesperson for German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, called the NPD “anti-democratic, xenophobic, anti-Semitic and a threat to the constitution

” In recent years, the NPD has gained a seat in two out of the sixteen regional German parliaments And in 2014, Udo Voigt holocaust denier and former leader of the NPD, joined the European Parliament as an elected member Officials in Germany have launched a legal attempt to ban the party, as they’ve done successfully in the past with two other Nazi- sympathizing political parties, but haven’t found success yet Other European countries are also dealing with this problem In Greece, in 2014, the “Golden Dawn” party received over 9 percent of the vote, gaining 3 seats in the European parliament

In Slovakia, in 2013, the former leader of a banned neo-Nazi organization was elected governor to a large central region And Russian President Vladimir Putin remarked in 2014, that open neo- Nazism has “become commonplace in Latvia and other Baltic states” So, what is causing the re-emergence of National Socialism? Some experts think the rise of nazi values is caused by a sudden influx of immigrants The New York Times notes that ethnic tensions have emerged in Germany because of “demographic changes” The International Business Times finds that since 2013, a flood of Syrian refugees have entered Bulgaria and sparked anti-immigrant protests and attacks there

Others have linked the 2008 European recession and high youth unemployment with the rise of neo-Nazism With around 20 to 50 percent of young people unemployed in some nations, the neo-Nazi parties function as a gang or a cult that recruits the young and the poor World leaders are watching the re-kindling of neo-Nazism carefully and doing their best to stem the tide The fact is that Nazi salutes and paraphernalia have been made illegal in some places like Germany, but Nazis values are unfortunately more difficult to regulate than paraphernalia And as a result Nazism is still alive, just under different names

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